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Geriatrics-in-Bavaria database

The GiB-DAT project was officially launched in 2000 after an intensive preparatory phase.

The aim was to establish a common anonymized database for Bavarian geriatrics containing as many treatment cases as possible. For this purpose, participating clinics provide data on a quarterly basis and in return receive an evaluation of their own data (in-clinic analysis) and an evaluation of the overall data set (Bavaria-wide analysis). With the combination of both analyses, each clinic can evaluate its data and see how high its therapeutic and economic efficiency is compared to the Bavaria-wide average. The data set to be transmitted was built compatible to the Germany-wide quality assurance project GEMIDAS, but goes beyond it.

The data set ist determined by the data commission and includes:

  • Patient data - e.g. age, gender, marital status, residential situation, admission paths.
  • Diagnoses - primary and secondary diagnoses, complications, and relocation diagnoses. A degree of severity of important areas is determined by the AFGiB and in particular the 4D + S scale developed by the 1st Chairman at that time, Dr. A Schramm.
  • Assessments - e.g. mobility (Timed up + go), depression (GDS), cognition (MMSE), ability to help oneself in activities of daily living (Barthel).
  • Treatment data - e.g., length of treatment spent in another medical department prior to admission to geriatrics, length of stay in geriatrics, and the supply any assistive devices, subjective and objective treatment outcome.

The current dataset description can be found here.

GiB-DAT Objectives in keywords:

  • Scientific review of the degree of implementation and the Bavarian geriatric concept.
  • Mapping of changes due to restructuring in the health care system (e.g. introduction of flat rate per case, and DRG's).
  • Quality management through benchmarking
  • Creation and further development of common standards in documentation and examination
  • Provide a baseline for further research.

The data stock now amounts to around 500,000 (July 2015) datasets, and it has also been shown that not only the number of cases but also the data quality of the data submitted is developing encouragingly in the course of participation.

GiB-DAT is managed by the Medical Association for the advancement of Geriatrics in Bavaria (AFGiB e.V.). There is close cooperation with the Bavarian Hospital Association (BKG), especially with regard to the legal aspects of GiB-DAT.

As a project, the Geriatrics in Bavaria database was financially supported for a period of 3 years (March 2000 to February 2003) by the Bavarian State Foundation and the Bavarian State Ministry of Labor and Social Order, Family and Women, with the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Health now having the corresponding responsibility.

Since 2003, the concept and software have also been available to interested customers outside Bavaria (switch to the german website for more details).

Geriatrics in Bavaria-Database
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