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Geridoc was created especially for our project.

The concept was to have a platform for the management of the data which are needed for our projekt. To make sure that the data are consistent and complete, the programs allows it to use in many documents which are needed in the daily business like:

  • doctors letter
  • recipes
  • serveral Requests
  • and further more

It ist also possible to integrate additional data especially for clinical studies. Within the programm are functions for statistical anlaysis. With an export function data can be processed in statistical applications.

Geridoc was developed with the support from all occopational groups working in the geriactric departments. This was very useful and a reason for its popularity. Most of the participants of our project are using Geridoc. In Germany 140 clinics are using our progam.

Geridoc is a program from geriatrics for geriatrics.


Geriatrics in Bavaria-Database
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90475 Nürnberg
   phone.: +49 - 911 / 83 70 309
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